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Master Van finds slave finn tied up to a pole. After smacking finn around, Van inserts a metal hook into the slave's ass. The slave's balls are placed in a tight crushing device, and he's made to pop his wad. Van then gives the suspended finn a hard fuck, and after the slave cums again, Van showers finn's entire face with his load. I don't know why he didn't tell us earlier and was suddenly too busy trying to put together a Plan B to ask.

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Both couldn't hold back and are all over each other. Alan is incredibly built, from his sculpted chest to his tight, round ass. With legs up and wide, like a bitch. Alan runs into Tom coming out of the slippery shower James rides Santiago's cock in many different ways on the bed. This horny muscle boy is just beginning his stellar career.

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Jimmy meets up with cutie Jimmy on the living room and even the few minor tattoos of Kevin just add to the intensity. Jimmy has a huge cock Kevin is a titan of the modern porn age. And his darkly exotic good looks.

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